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The book: "Best of illustration"

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Dear artbuyers, artdirectors, picture editors and all those,
which are on the search for qualitatively high-class, individual illustrations:

almost 500 preselected illustrators and excellent professionals are presented here and who also serve international customers.
Assign the artists of your choice directly over this online book wich is connected to the platform -- this way you buy always commission free, economically commissioned work as well as stock art.

You receive a first quick stylistic impression of part of the illustrators while runing over the pages of the up-to-date pdf book (free down load and print for presentation).
For easy browsing from one portfolio to the next please use the "picture arrow key" on your keyboard. Both the book "" and the search data base are daily updated by the illustrators directly from their studios.

Thus the book is more up-to-date than the usual yearbooks, that means rather as freshly as the daily paper and in addition for free!

Therefore bookmark both web sites as your future top shopping guide within the range of illustration and you will never have to waste a thought about illustration purchases again since you can organize everything comfortably from your desk by yourself according to your desires.

We wish you a lot of fun while searching and thank you for your interest

Elke Strauch
( the editor)

about is an extensive special search engine with nearly 20,000 professional illustrations to all topics, in all illustration styles and techniques you can think of. The portfolios are in part even more current than internal illustrator websites.